Will FPGA become mainstream in the future?

Will FPGA become mainstream in the future?

What is FPGA?
FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is a type of chip that can be reprogrammable.
FPGA is a semi-customized circuit developed on the basis of traditional logic circuits and gate arrays such as PAL, GAL and GPLD.
It solves the deficiency of semi-customized circuits and overcomes the shortcoming of the limited number of gate circuits in the traditional programmable devices.

Hardware structure:
FPGA consists of logic module, I/O module and internal cable.
There are many logic gate arrays inside the chip.
You can program and input different values into the internal storage unit.
The value of the storage unit determines the function of the logical unit and the connection mode between modules and I/O, so that different module circuits are formed inside the chip.
The module circuit can be operated separately, so as to realize parallel operation.

FPGA development language: Verilog.

FPGA manufacturer:
Xilinx is the inventor of FPGA, and its development platform is ISE.
Altera is the inventor of programmable logic devices and its development platform is Quartus 2.
Actel, the development platform is Libero.
Lattice, the development platform is ISPLEVER.
Atmel, Unis, Gowin, Anlogic, etc.

Advantages of FPGA:
Repeatable programming, hardware reconfigurable, parallel computing, strong computing power, high throughput, low power consumption, low delay, flexible, high integration.

Disadvantages of FPGA:
High cost and high static power consumption.

Application fields of FPGA:
Communication, Algorithm, embedded, chip verification, security monitoring, industrial automation, etc.

Comparison with MCU:
FPGA is more advanced and more powerful than MCU.
FPGA can be programmed into a MCU.
MCU is standardized, the cost is lower.
MCU resource is fixed, FPGA is hardware reconfigurable system.
MCU is serial operation, FPGA is parallel operation.
FPGA today are like STM32 MCU 10 years ago.
At that time, 51 series MCU is the mainstream, and later STM32 MCU with stronger performance is more and more popular.

FPGA is now a booming trend.
With the development of technology and cost reduction, FPGA applications will be more widely.

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