Why is Raspberry Pi so popular?

Why is Raspberry Pi so popular?

What is Raspberry Pi?
The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer designed for computer programming education.
It is as big as a credit card with all the basic functions of a computer, such as surfing the Web, working with documents, playing videos, listening to music and playing games.

Operating system of Raspberry Pi:
The Raspberry Pi system is Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian), which is based on Debian.
With the release of Windows 10 IoT and the launch of Raspberry PI 4, users can install Windows.
Connecting a mouse, keyboard and monitor, it can become a computer.

Raspberry Pi hardware:
Raspberry Pi uses SD/MicroSD card as memory and hard disk.
It has USB interface, Ethernet interface, TV output interface, HDMI HD video output interface, etc.
It can connect keyboard, mouse, network cable, TV, external USB hard disk and so on.

Why is Raspberry Pi so popular?
Small size, powerful function, good scalability, many application scenarios, cheap price.
Stable Raspbian operating system.
A huge number of enthusiasts are constantly developing new applications for Raspberry Pi.
Raspberry Pi has gained widespread support in programming education, research and the developer community.

Raspberry Pi is also a serious competitor to Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac.

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