Why do we need a reliable sourcing partner for international transactions?

Why do we need a reliable sourcing partner for international transactions?

In international transactions, due to language barriers, geographical isolation and unfamiliarity with the market, the cost and risk of business and communication are relatively high. And it is difficult to solve problems.

You can find ordinary suppliers or cooperate with a reliable sourcing partner.

Ordinary suppliers only provide their own products.
They won’t provide other products, service and market information.
When your order is small and unstable,it’s hard to cooperate with strong suppliers.
The price of small scale supplier is uneven. And it’s difficult to ensure their quality and reliability.
For new cooperation or orders are small, communication and transaction become difficult and prone to mistakes due to the supplier’s neglect or language barrier.

A reliable sourcing partner has irreplaceable advantages over ordinary suppliers.

What can a reliable sourcing partner do for you?

Sourcing for goods:
You can ask him to look for whatever you need.

Better price:
With the mature supplier chain, sourcing partner knows the market well and can get better price.

Shipping service:
Consolidate your goods from other suppliers and make shipment to you.
Or do drop shipping for you.

Provide market information and solutions:
You can get more information from your partner, which will help you a lot.

Help solve problems:
It’s an bad things that if you have problems and no one helps you.
A reliable partner is not only your business partner but also your friend. He will try the best to solve problems for you in both business and life.

Inspect goods and guarantee supplier reliability:
When you purchase goods from other supplier and can’t guarantee the supplier reliability and their quality. You partner will help you inspect the goods and supplier.

Contact suppliers:
It’s hard to communicate with suppliers sometimes due to language barriers. Sometimes they don’t reply or misunderstand what you said, which are big problems for you. So you need a partner who can help you contact your supplier.

Deal with after-sales problems:
When there are after-sales problems and your supplier can’t deal with it well. You need a partner who can help you. And if there are after-sales problems in the transaction with you partner, he will solve it well and give you the most satisfaction.

Handle other things that need to be done in the local market:
Whenever you need, you can tell your partner and he will try the best to help you.

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