Why do we import from China?

Why do we import from China?

Advantages of global sourcing
In today’s economic globalization, international trade is developed, and finance and logistics are extremely convenient.
There are huge differences in economic and industrial development between different countries, including raw material and labor costs, brand awareness and technical level, factory location, inventory availability of distributor and so on.
This gives global sourcing a huge advantage over purely domestic sourcing.

Payment terms :
TT, Paypal, Western Union, Money agent

Shipping method:
Ship by air: DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, Aramax, post
Ship by ocean

How long will it take to receive the goods from China?
About 3-10 days by air.
About 3-5 weeks by post.
About 2-12 weeks by sea.
Delivery time varies depending on distance of different countries, local policies, the tightness of logistics flights, and other circumstances such as the impact of COVID-19.

Why do we import from China?

Industrial clusters:
Such as Yiwu small commodity market, Shenzhen Huaqiang North electronic market.

Cost advantage:
China’s labor cost is low. Factories produce products to meet global demand, and economies of scale drive down costs.

Product quality is good:
With the improvement of technology, made in China is constantly going to the direction of creation in China.
Product quality is getting better and better, brand awareness is getting higher and higher.

Policy advantage:
China attaches great importance to the foreign trade industry, foreign trade is very convenience.

Complete industrial categories:
The developed and mature supply chain can meet different customers’ need and different quantity orders.

Under the support of developed supply chain system and fierce market competition, suppliers in foreign trade industry can achieve fast response, good service, low price, and give customers the most satisfactory business experience.

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