FCM 32 bit MCU can replace ST MCU

Flashchip Micro electronics Co., LTD., is a local Integrated circuit design company in China, founded by a number of industry practitioners with more than 20 years of working experience.

The company’s main products are binary compatible 32-bit HIGH performance, low cost, high integration FCM32 series MCU, kernel from ARM Cortex M0, M3 to M4.

The product application range is very broad, such as application control and user interface, handheld devices, A /V receivers and digital TV, PC peripherals, gaming peripherals, GPS platforms, industrial applications, PLC, printers, scanners, alarm systems, video connectivity and HVAC.


FCM 32 bit MCU:

FCM32F103CBT6 / C8T6 can be used as a substitute for STM32F103CBT6 / C8T6.

FCM32F103RBT6 / R8T6 can be used as a substitute for STM32F103RBT6 / R8T6.

FCM32F103VBT6 can be used as a substitute for STM32F103VBT6.

FCM32F030C8T6 can be used as a substitute for STM32F030C8T6.

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