8 advantages show you why sourcing service is good for your IC business

Nowadays, many people need to import electronic components from China. It’s very important to find reliable suppliers and competitive price. However, they have a lot of troubles looking for suppliers.

The troubles you may encounter:
1. It takes too much time.
2. You don’t know where is the exact supplier.
3. You need to look for many models, but the quantity is small.
4. Wholesalers and distributors are not interested in small quantity. And it’s expensive to buy on a retail website.
5. You don’t get a reply from your suppliers for a long time, and you don’t know why. Sometimes the service of your suppliers is terrible for some reason. You need to find reliable suppliers with excellent service.
6. You need someone to check the goods to make sure they’re new, original, good quality, and everything is fine.
7. You may need drop shipping service. But most of the Chinese suppliers don’t provide this service.
8. You have many suppliers in China. You need to control the supply chain, consolidate all the goods and make one shipment.

Maybe you can look for suppliers on your own. But you need to solve all the problems by yourself, and the cost is high.

I provide electronic components sourcing service, and there are 8 advantages of my service, which is useful for your business.

Advantage 1: Communication easily
First of all, there is no language barrier. I have many ways to contact suppliers to help you reach them soon. What’s more, you don’t need to deal with many Chinese suppliers. Just contact me is enough. You will find everything is more comfortable in this way.

Advantage 2: Low cost
I can save you lots of time and energy. If you spend lots of time looking for products and suppliers, making sure they’re reliable or not one by one, placing an order and following up. The cost is high. Now I can help you do this job.

Advantage 3: Efficiently
I know the supply chain well and can help you get what you need in a short time. No matter your order quantity is big or small, I can deal with it and send pictures, videos, parameters, and other required materials to you for reference. If you are in China, I can lead you to the suppliers and confirm all the details.

Advantage 4: Good-quality/best price
I can help you compare the price and quality of different suppliers and find the best.

Advantage 5: Inspection
Sometimes you may encounter unreliable suppliers and buy fake or low-quality products. Therefore, it’s necessary to do the inspection, especially when order quantity and value are large.

Advantage 6: Supply chain control
I can help you control the supply chain. Especially when you have many suppliers in China to contact. Some of your suppliers are important and need someone following up.

Advantage 7: Drop shipping
Most of the Chinese suppliers don’t provide drop shipping service. In this case, I can help you do drop shipping. It’s easy for your business.

Advantage 8: Online/offline available
If you come to China, I can lead you to the suppliers and factories. When you go back to your country, or you don’t come to China at all, I can help you do sourcing online. It’s effortless for both of us.

In conclusion, with the above 8 advantages, I think my sourcing service is useful for your business. If you have any questions, welcome to contact me. I hope the first contact will be the beginning of our long-term relationship in the future.

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